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Types of Membership

Lifetime Membership

Open to all former students of St Hilda’s Schools who are at least 21 years old

Youth Wing Membership

Open to all former students of St Hilda’s Schools who are under 21 years old

Youth Wing memberships are terminated on 31 December of the year the member turns 22

unless the member has converted to Life membership by payment of SGD$200 upon turning 21.

Honorary Membership

Comprises the current board of management, principals and vice principals, as well

as the school representatives to the AlumnI

Only Life members have the right to vote and to hold office in the Alumni.

Who can apply?

Former students who have studied in St. Hilda's School (Ceylon), St. Hilda's Primary School and St. Hilda's Secondary School. As long as you have studied in St. Hilda's for any period of time, you qualify to join the alumni as a member.

Do note that incomplete applications without supporting documents will be rejected as we are unable to grant membership without proof that you were a student from St. Hilda's Schools. 

Your application will be processed within 10 to 12 weeks, and if it is in order, you will receive our welcome email.

Using alumni status for Primary 1 registration: 

Phase 2A is for children whose parent or sibling is a former student of the primary school, including those who have joined the alumni association of the primary school as a member (extracted from MOE's website).

Membership Fees

Upon approval of application, the entrance fee for Life Membership shall be a one-time payment as follows:

  • FREE (Honorary & Youth Wing memberships)

  • SGD$200 (below 25 years old)

  • SGD$500 (25 years old or older)

All monies collected from alumni membership are added to the Alumni General Fund, and used to supplement operating expenses, alumni sponsored awards and alumni activities. The Alumni general fund also makes contributions from time to time in support of causes adopted by the school, amongst various other undertakings.

To join us as an Alumni, click here.

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